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Lucky Jet Predictor | Hack

Lucky Jet is a dynamic slot where intuition and the ability to control emotions come to the fore. When creating the game, the provider Spribe was inspired by the success of the popular Aviator slot. There is no risk game or jackpot.

Honesty is controlled by the reputable company Provably Fair. Players can make up to two bets in one round, and the history of all bets is saved for up to 40 rounds.

In this review, we will take a closer look at the mechanics of the game, why the Lucky Jet slot machine is so rapidly gaining popularity, and much more.

Lucky Jet Predictor | Hack
Lucky Jet Predictor 1win | Hack

Game plot

The Lucky Jet slot does not have the usual line and playing field. In the center of the slot machine there is a character who, after the start of the round, begins to move upward. Each round starts with a minimum odds of 1x.

During the game, each user himself chooses an exit point. The bet is calculated instantly.

How to play for free and for money in the Lucky Jet slot machine

Mobile and demo versions

The Lucky Jet slot is available on all devices. The provider does not provide the opportunity to play for chips, only for real money.

Winning combinations

There are no winning combinations in the slot.

Symbols to watch out for

The slot does not feature special symbols.

Bonus game and free spins

Free spins, bonuses and risk games are not provided in the Lucky Jet slot.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of the slot:

  • Possibility to increase winnings from the bet up to 8512.45x;
  • Functions that help automatically close bets;
  • Betting history up to 40 rounds;
  • Chat games.


  • Analogue of the Aviator slot.

How to calculate and win at Lucky Jet

How to calculate and win at Lucky Jet

As we indicated earlier, intuition and emotional control come to the fore in the game. We present to your attention several popular Predictors:

  • Playing at low odds – close bets in the range from 1.01 to 1.09 (without abusing them);
  • “Bet x100+” – find an entry with odds x100 in the betting history, wait an hour and try to catch a big win;
  • “Double” – after a loss, double the bet amount.

Emulators Aviator , Jet X and Lucky Jet work on the same principle – the player must catch a large odd. Essentially, Lucky Jet is the same as Aviator or Crash, just a little different. Instead of an airplane, you will watch a character named Lucky Joe.

Very little is known about Lucky Jet, because this slot is  1win casino’s own development . They try not to talk about its characteristics, and we took information about the maximum odds and winnings from the built-in statistics in the slot.

The platform first became famous with 2021, containing brief descriptions of how the mechanism works, without much detail. However, as time goes on, more and more users are starting to recognize trends in gameplay.

What is known about the game Lucky Jet

The maximum win rate is 200. Many game projects offer really tempting conditions, but here they are generally cool. And high odds are very common. On the forums they say that a figure of more than x50 is observed several times per hour. And above x150 – once every couple of hours.

You have complete control over the game. You decide when to withdraw your money. You can leave them in your account to risk again later. Or withdraw immediately after a win, even a small one. Each player has his own Predictor, over time you will choose the optimal one for yourself. Of course, sometimes there will be losses, but there is nothing to worry about.

The game allows you to get a sea of ​​adrenaline and enjoy the excitement. Perhaps this is precisely why the project is so popular. Here everything largely depends on the case. Maybe you want to wait for odds x10 and Lucky will fly away with odds x5. Terrible ignorance, but it happens. Sometimes you need to play it more carefully and not try to take unnecessary risks. Over time, you should still be able to get a rough idea of ​​how to play it properly.

Rules of the game

Rules of the game

Many newcomers find the mechanics of the Lucky Jet slot somewhat complicated, but there is nothing complicated about it. When the user opens the section with this emulator, the slot playing field appears in front of him. In the center there is a screen on which Lucky Joe, the main character of the game, flies. At the same time, the multiplier increases, which determines the gambler’s possible winnings. At the bottom of the field there are options with which the player makes bets. Click on the link above to view the history of the latest rounds.
The point of the game is to cash out your bet before Lucky Joe stops flying. At this moment, the coefficient stops growing, and if the player did not manage to redeem his bet before this moment, then he loses. However, the growth of the multiplier often continues to impressive levels. The largest coefficient observed by gamblers while playing this slot is x200. In general, the higher Lucky Joe flies, the more substantial the gambler’s winnings will be. Most players prefer to buy out bets on indicators from x2-x3 to x10.
While playing Lucky Jet, it is worth remembering that excitement is never the best advisor, because a crash can happen at absolutely any second. In this case, the bet will lose, and therefore it is always better to buy back the bet a little earlier, rather than wait for the sky-high odds.
Finally, it is also worth noting that the Lucky Jet game is extremely dynamic. The bet must be placed quickly enough, because the beginning of the next round waits for no one. By the way, this emulator also offers the possibility of making two bets at the same time. In other words, a player can place 2 bets on the same round at once. The advantage of this option is that one bet can cover the losses of another; and therefore many players prefer to redeem the first bet on a small indicator, and the second – on a larger one. Even if the second bet is lost, the losses will be easily compensated by the first bet, which the gambler buys back on a small X.

How to play Lucky Jet

  1. Click on the “Bet” button and select the amount you will play for;
  2. You don’t have to make just one bet – make two bets at the same time. To do this, use the left and right panels.
  3. If you are satisfied with the odds, click on the cash out button. Your winnings will be equal to the amount of your bet, which will be multiplied by the multiplier.
  4. If Lucky Joe flies away and you do not have time to withdraw your winnings, you will lose the money you bet.

How to win at Lucky Jet 1win

Considering that this game is from the genre of crash games and emulators, here you can try the following Predictors and schemes.

Strategy “Betting on odds 1.1”

The bottom line is that the pilot rarely goes below 1.1 altitude, so this bet usually wins. If you want to get a serious profit, you need to make a lot of takeoffs – odds of 1.1 give a small income. It is recommended to make bets of medium and large sizes in order to quickly achieve a tangible profit.

Pattern tactics

This is a riskier tactic, but it allows you to win a large sum. Open the statistics of past takeoffs in the game to predict how the plane will fly in the new round. For example, if during the previous 5 takeoffs the pilot did not rise above 2 m, you can set the odds to 2.

Strategy “Betting on odds 10”

The hardest thing to predict is when a pilot will reach a height of at least 10 m. If you look at flight statistics, you can see that a pilot reaches a height of 10 m once every 15-20 games. If you realize that over the past 15-20 takeoffs the pilot has never reached 10 m, bet on odds of 10. Do not forget that this is a very risky approach – you should not bet a large sum of money.

How to download Lucky Jet Predictor for Android, iOS and PC

How to download Lucky Jet Predictor for Android, iOS and PC

The Lucky Jet game does not have a separate application, and can only be played at the 1win casino . Therefore, as an alternative, you can install the casino’s mobile app to have constant access to your favorite game.

If you want to download the game to your phone, it would be better and safer to install the official 1win casino app. Below we will tell you how to do this.

How to download Lucky Jet Predictor on Android (apk)

You won’t be able to download the game separately. But there is an alternative option – install the 1win application on your phone, where Lucky Jet is presented.

  1. In your phone settings, find the browser from which you usually access the casino and check the box next to “Allow installation from unknown sources.”
  2. Go to the 1win website.
  3. In the side menu or bottom of the site, find the “Application” icon and click on it.
  4. The apk file will begin downloading. You need to allow its installation.

Next, in the 1win application you need to register / log in, top up your account, and only after that you can start playing Lucky Jet.

How to download the game Lucky Jet Predictor on iPhone

The iPhone application from 1win casino cannot be downloaded due to restrictions from the App Store. But you can use an alternative option and add the official website with the Lucky Jet game to the main screen of your phone.

  1. Go to the 1win website from the Safari browser.
  2. Click on the button in the form of a square with an arrow at the bottom of the page.
  3. Select “Add to Home Screen” from the menu.
  4. Name the tab and click on “Add”.

The 1win application icon will appear on the desktop of your smartphone. It only works with a stable internet connection.

How to download Lucky Jet Predictor on PC

You can install the application on a Windows computer from the official website of the 1win casino.

  1. Go to the official website of the casino.
  2. In the upper right corner, click on the “Windows Application” button.
  3. When a system notification appears, click on “Install”.
  4. The software will automatically open in a new window and be ready for use.

What is a hack for the Lucky Jet game and can you trust the signals?

Signal bot for Lucky Jet is a bot on our website that sends the player odds on which the user must place a bet.

According to other developers, bots use a special algorithm that predicts the odds that will come out next. But they don’t promise a 100% guarantee of winning—the bots’ accuracy level is 95%.
Our lucky jet hack has an accuracy of 99%


Bots, hacks, lucky jet predictor 1win are programs that “predict” the odds in the Lucky Jet game. It works according to one of two principles: it either shows a random number, or uses the “bet on small odds” strategy.

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